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Electric Goggles Prices: Clarification

Fixing a little cock-up with the prices for Electric’s eyewear in our recent Product Guide.

For reasons only known to the overworked and underpaid sweatshop child who inputted the text, we omitted the all-important word ‘from’ in all the Electric goggles we featured in our Product Guide.

Obviously fancy mirrored lenses cost a couple of bob more than standard orange ones, so to clear it up once and for all here’s the full, 100% correct, from-the-horses-mouth pricing for their range:

EG2: From 132.00€ to 149.00€

EG2.5: From 132.00 to 149.00€

EG1S: From 99.00€ to 121.00€

EG5S: From 94,00 to 116,00€

EG1: From 94.00€ to 110.00€

EG5: From 88.00€ to 105.00€

EGK: From 66.00€ to 77.00€

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