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Crossfire: Jeremy Jones

Crossfire: Jeremy Jones

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey
Jeremy in AK. Photo: Cole Barash.
Jeremy in AK. Photo: Cole Barash.

Your chance to ask Jeremy Jones a question has arrived…

Remember Crossfire from the mag a couple years back, where we gave you guys the opportunity to pose your questions to a selection of pro shredders? Well, we reckoned it was time to bring that mother back in a web 2.0 way so we’re kicking off by giving you the chance to put your thoughts to big mountain gnarler Jeremy Jones.

Jeremy’s been putting down eye-popping lines on sketchy faces for more years than we care to remember, he was instrumental in launching Protect Our Winters and has recently launched his own board brand, Jones Snowboards. Not only that, he’s mid way through filming his two-year backcountry project, Deeper, that will come with Onboard next season.

So, post your questions in the comments, we’ll put ’em to the main man and hit you back with his answers to the good ‘uns next week.

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  1. Mick Davies

    hows the boards looking? can we get em in the uk?

  2. hoogerbooger

    yo jeremy. who’s your favorite person to ride with?

  3. snail

    snail say hi. can i get stickers?

  4. krusher

    hi jeremy. i read your boards are coming out every 2 years. is that true? what’s that all about?

  5. Norman

    how deep has your deepest powder been?

  6. Gabriel

    how much do u earn per year? 😛

  7. Gynther

    how long has been your longest run down?

  8. Jens

    Servus! Bist du verrĂźckt? Hahaha. How you make such crazy fast on steep? Greetings from Germany. Jens.

  9. Mullet

    would you rather cut your hair than wear tight pants for a season?

  10. David

    hello jeremy i would like to know who you think has the best freeriders europe or america many thanks

  11. Max

    whats the next big thing in freeriding when freestylers went all double?

  12. Tim

    don’t you sometimes think that your kind of riding encourages people to go beyond their limits, like risking getting buried in avalanches or beat up by rocks and cliffs?

  13. TheNoggin

    Have you ever thought about having a ‘Jones Off’? Like you go hit up street rails for the day and send the other Jeremy Jones to ride AK spines and then see who comes off best? I’d buy that for a dollar.

  14. Tom

    How long is the board you are usually riding? How many lengths you have to choose from? I mean how many you carry on trips..

  15. Noah

    Checked out the Deeper Unplugged. Pretty nuts. I wanna know what’s the craziest experience you’ve had while filming for that project has been. Look forward to the movie!

  16. Jack Seldon

    Hey Jeremy,
    I would like to know what feelings and emotions go through your mind before you drop into a first descent. Like a gnarly one in Alaska.

  17. matt

    Hi Jeremy, what’s the most difficult and the best out of those situations.
    – being a pro rider
    – being a father
    – launching a new board company
    – camping in AK
    – chasing steeps in Europe
    – choosing your line on untracked terrain
    – having meeting in office on a powder day
    – developping innovative products
    – fighting to preserve mother nature

    and what’s been your craziest trip experience up untill now and why ?


  18. grek

    did you ever hit a streetrail? :) (c’mon – when u were young, didn’t ya?)

  19. Mongo

    Can I get some free stuff? I rip the pow yaaaaaaaah

  20. Fred

    can you do do all 4 tens? i though you had to have them on lock to be pro these days 😉

  21. Macau

    what is best place you ride in you life? where you still want rid? you have verymuch power style. i like you snowboardings!!!

  22. Barney

    How do you evaluate the risk when you decided to do a face?

  23. Pierre

    What degree can snow stay on a face you thinK, i mean what is the ultimate steepness where snow can’t stick anymore?

  24. Irene

    Have you been on the stepps when you were not sure of the snow conditions?

  25. James Allen Davis

    Jeremy, All BS aside, & adrenaline junkie “hype” too, if you ever die riding (not that we want you to, but it’s obviously a risk you push & take moreso than most people ever will), are you ready to meet God? Are you saved? I’m not a Mormon, nor have I ever lived in Utah yet, but I do believe in Jesus, & am a Christian, are you?…

  26. Pedro GirĂŁo

    Hi Jeremy!First of all thanks for having the vision and sensitivity to creat something unique like POW, and extremely necessary. On your approaches to governments, snowboard companies,etc, what´s your vision about what´s hapenning worldwide?are they really doing efforts to be more environmentally friendly, protecting our winters, or it´s just another marketing or sales aproach? Thank you very much for sharing your world with us and all those places we dream of.

  27. JosĂŠ FĂŠlix MartĂ­nez

    Hi Jeremy, I visited your web page of Jones Snowboards, after seeing all the models, I’m frustated, only a splitboard model and 1’61 are the big size.

    Are you thinking to produce more sizes in the future?
    Could be The Flagship board to turn in the future as splitboard?

    FĂŠlix from Spanish Pyrenees.


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