Burton US Open 2012 Live Webcast

Uli Köhler Uli Köhler

Guess what? It’s time for the US Open again, and it’ll be all streamed live and direct to your dingy living-room.

The 30th anniversary of the Burton US Open, presented by MINI, is now underway in Stratton, Vermont, and live webcasts of slopestyle and halfpipe semi-finals, finals and the Saturday Night Jam have begun.

Here are the times to keep in mind:

LIVE WEBCASTS: Central Europe Time Zone 
Slopestyle Semi-Finals, Wednesday, March 7 05:30 pm
Halfpipe Semi-Finals, Thursday, March 8 03:15 pm
Slopestyle Finals, Friday, March 9 03:15 pm
Halfpipe Finals, Saturday, March 10 03:15 pm
Night Jam, Saturday, March 10 12:45 am (Sunday)

Burton US Open Live Webcast


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