Blickinsfreie on the Hunt for Filming Interns

German Film company Blickinsfreie, the guys responsible for doco-flavoured shred flicks like At Equilibrium and the upcoming Sleeping Giants, are looking for an intern. If you know your way around Final Cut and a video camera then check it out…

For those of you who don’t know this is the kind of thing Rene Eckert of Blickinsfreie does…

And this is what they will be doing…

And this is what Rene’s got to say about the internship:

“We are looking for an intern for Blickinsfreie in the field of filmmaking (filming & post production) from 1st October – End of March. The intern will get paid, will travel, will be based with the crew in Leipzig and will have a great time.

“People that are skilled in Final Cut post production as well as in handling cameras in winter conditions and having a good eye should send me an email by July 5 2011 to

If you’re after some hands-on experience to hone your filming skills, this could be the perfect chance for you. Drop Rene a mail – we’re suggesting you list your skills/experience/examples of your work too.

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