Analog Design Unlikely Features Europe – Update

Andy Berg's 'C-Street'

Entries have been dropping through the virtual mailboxes at Analog HQ for their second edition of the awesome Design Unlikely Features Europe contest. Have a gander at these good uns and get your submissions in so we can show yours to the world too.

Here’s all the details you need to get involved in Analog’s Design Unlikely Features Europe. In short: design a park feature, submit it to the Analog guys before the deadline of January 15 2012 and if it ticks their boxes you’ll not only have your creation made, they’ll VIP your asses to the DUF Europe contest in Hammerbybacken, Sweden on February 18 2012.

Now peep some of the better designs submitted already and get working on your own bad boy.

Loving how this dude sacked off his maths homework to sketch this.
This is called 'Meatballs Volcano'. If we're honest we're not really sure what's going on here...
Expansive stairset setup

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