Air&Style Munich – Riders Confirmed

12th of February is when the Air&Style circus pitches up their tent in Munich, and they’ve now dropped the list of 16 riders who’ll be throwing down at the main event.

Last time the Air&Style was in Munich, in 2007, local boy David Benedek put this bad boy down. That guy was so ahead of the curve...

We say ‘main event’ cause not only is there the kicker bonanza that these bad boys will by hucking off, there’s also A Rookie contest and the final of the Nike 6.0 Stairset Rail Battle to throw some next level jibbing into the day’s mix. Anyway, here’s who’ll be sending it off the straight jump for the Ring of Glory…


Marko Grilc

Peetu Piiroinen

Andreas Wiig

Iouri Podladtchikov

Werni Stock

Elias Elhardt

Markus Malin

Gjermund Braaten

Janne Korpi

Seb Toutant

Seppe Smits

Mikkel Bang

Ethan Morgan

Halldor Helgason

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