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Air&Style for girls?

Air&Style for girls?

Anna Langer
Anne-Flore with two Air&Style veterans: Antti Autti and Risto Mattila
Anne-Flore with two Air&Style veterans: Antti Autti and Risto Mattila

Anne-Flore Marxer, feminist icon of the snowboard scene, decided it’s time to give the girls another try at the famous Air&Style events and started a petition. So far she already has full support of the top girl shredders like Sarka Pancochova, Cheryl Maas, Tanja Detomas, Lisa Filzmoser, Jenny Jones, Jamie Anderson, Kimmy Fasani, Hana Beaman, Leanne Pelosi, Bev Vuilleumier and Marie-France Roy, but of course she still needs a lot more voices!
So to all the shred girls out there: make sure to put your signature down for this! And all the guys who’d like to see some girls action flying around in the Bergisel Stadium next are more than welcome to support Anne-Flore’s cause as well.

  1. anonym

    Do you think you really think that its good idea to let the girls ride air and style? im sure out there is 10 girls that would jump the kicker,but is it gonna be 6 star TTR event for 10 girls ??? I think that constructions and kicker is just way to dangerous for girls and i dont understand why anne flore is fighting for it so much if she is not even riding contests. why does not billabong make a contest that its just for girls??? I dont agree…

  2. misty

    I think it is a dumb idea! Look at how many of the guys got hurt this year and then AFM is telling us that girls should be riding the same kicker? Madness.
    It would work if a girls kicker was built specifically for them but then still there would only be five lasses who could hit it.

  3. dave stansted

    maybe 10 would jump, 5 would injure themselves, of the 5 that wouldnt kill themselves 3 would do straight airs and 2 might spin. would be very negative for women’s riding. i mean look at the amount of guys that got injured on the jump…

    the fact is that girls are not on the same level of riding as the guys. they can mix it up with the guys when there’s kickers that they can do stuff on (beo, xgames etc) but for something like a&S i think it would be nothing but detrimental. i’m all for the progression of women’s riding and not dissing it but this would not be the way to represent it best.

    but then what do i know, i am a man. so maybe if anne flore wants to send her self off the kicker then she should go for it.


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