Onboard 118 – The Photo Annual – On Sale Now!

Danny Larsen. Photo: Jerome Tanon.

Our Photo Annual, ram packed with some of the sickest shred shots you will ever see, has hit the shelves. Peep it here…

The first thing you’ll notice is Jerome Tanon‘s epic cover shot of Danny Larsen. There’s no photoshopping here, it’s all just good old-fashioned double exposure analogue wizardry and it took Jerome and Danny about 15 takes till they thought they had the shot they wanted. Of course, the guts of this issue is the Grade-A bangers, but there’s more to this Photo Annual than simply a big gallery…


It wasn’t just a one-off for the cover. Last season Jerome Tanon spent a fair whack of it shooting analog, not winding on and in doing so creating some full-on awesome double exposure shots with some of Europe’s finest riders.


Shred snapping is a unique creature and do get to the root of the issues it faces we hit up three photo eds from some of the planet’s most respected mags to get the inside line.


There are many tools used in the art of snowboard photography. We take a closer look at some of the wide choice of lenses on offer and break down what situations they’re best for.


Coming covermounted free and exclusive with Onboard issue 118 is HaraKiri’s debut production, Pan Pan. When you’ve feasted your eyes on the movie, we have a gallery of stills documenting the crew’s adventures shooting for the film.


Sit back and enjoy the silence as we bring you 48 pages of pure, unadulterated shred porn. Our photo ed reserves some of the sickest shots of the season specifically for this section, so you know it’s full of heavy bangers.


Of course, there’s more. Our usual dose of irregular regulars, a Freestyle.CH montage, riders’ snaps from their winters, Blotto’s Window Seat, and even more goodness is waiting for you. Head down to your local core store or newsagent and bag yourself a copy right now. Or subscribe to Onboard and never miss an issue.

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