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Summer Snowboarding: 7 European Resorts to Check Out This July

6 resorts in Europe where you can spray some slush and catch some rays!

Summer snowboarding rules. Here’s a rundown of 7 European resorts that are well worth checking out while your mates are sweltering back home in traffic jams.  

Summer snowboarding is about as close as you can get to having a mellow skate session with your mates on snow. It’s the perfect summer cocktail of sunshine, riding in a t-shirt, pond skims, lounging around on deck chairs, snow conditions that change by the hour, suntanned (burned) faces and an inevitable plethora of memories that are actually worth remembering, for once.

While many resorts in Europe stay open long into May, there are far fewer that offer decent snowboarding in summer proper. We’re talking June or July here – the time when most less-dedicated snow-sliders are busy thinking about which pimp new BBQ they should invest in or which bikini they’ll be able to squeeze into, rather than where they can get those last few turns or jibs in.

Here’s a rundown of some of the best summer snowboarding destinations that our fine continent has to offer (plus a couple of non-European alternatives):

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