Talking Points

X Games Real Snow 2014 – Watch All the Edits Here!

Dylan Thompson:

When it comes to X Games Real Snow, Dylan is technically a rookie, but his riding sure as hell ain’t. How Dylan doesn’t blow his ACL out every season is beyond us and this part has some SERIOUS rail to drop-offs. Can you imagine hooking up on that last trick? The rail has a freaking knob on it AND the gap is over a wall… so damn insane. Louif is gonna have to have brought is a-game to top this one…

Louif Paradis:

Well we’ll be damned, Louif has done it again. Another technically mind-blowing part that has risk, big spots and flat out super-human snowboarding in equal measure. It may not be as immediately as impressive as Bode’s or Dylan’s but anyone that hits rails will be able to tell you how ridiculously sick some of these tricks are. Louif will be getting a medal again this year, guaranteed.

Our Verdict:

Dylan’s part is gnarly as hell but it just has to be Louif on this one. That dude is just too damn good.