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6. Snowboarding Becomes a 'Proper Sport'

6. Snowboarding Becomes a 'Proper Sport'

Mike Brindley Mike Brindley

Snowboarding becomes a proper 'sport'

Snowboarding Goes Mainstream:

People gradually forget snowboarding’s roots and everything becomes about points, massive sponsorship deals and player transfers (and let’s be honest, spins). Then it takes a group of dedicated layabouts to remind everyone what it’s really about – like in Baseketball.

For many, the draw of big deals and corporate sponsorship is too much and snowboarding snowballs into a money making machine. Crews become teams and the big names only ever ride at huge stadium events. Many core riders drop out of snowboarding altogether for fear of tarnishing their rep by being associated with a mainstream sport – but a disillusioned few hang on to what they know and love.


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