This is Definitely Worthy of Mainstream Coverage...Not.

It’s funny though. We still get news stories that serve as a constant reminder that snowboarders shouldn’t be taken seriously. Snowboards still sneak in to the light hearted side of the news with reports like this one. This video of a tandem snowboard would just as easily fit into our 10 Horrible Snowboard Inventions post but somehow it’s more worthy of mainstream news than the majority of actually groundbreaking achievements that happen in the sport.

In our opinion, the best part of this vid is ABC’s description: “now you and a friend can jib and carve down the mountain” – if anyone manages to ride a rail on that contraption, we’ll eat our hat.


As a side note, we’ve got to give news teams some credit. Without them some of the best snow based fails wouldn’t exist:

  1. George Chesterfield
    1. Sam Oetiker

      Hahaha, so good!


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