Snowboarding on TV - When TV Gets It Wrong

tv vs snowboarding

Once upon a time, before the internet and Facebook, snowboarding news had no choice but to go through the mainstream media. Thrown into the ‘funnies’ section with waterskiing squirrels, most of the big events in our short history have gone un-noticed by and large – or when the unfortunate happens, been used as a warning against the dangers of the sport.

Luckily, we don’t have to rely solely on news channels any more. It’s a media free-for-all in the modern world. But this hasn’t stopped normal every-day suit-wearing men and women from reporting on snowboarding. Mostly un-aware of the world they’re getting in to, they find themselves in an unfamiliar place, but to us, it’s their behaviour that often seems strange…

Here are some of our favourites moments from the ongoing clash between snowboarding and TV:

  1. George Chesterfield
    1. Sam Oetiker

      Hahaha, so good!


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