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Onboard Retro Snow Final Round!

Boom. And it’s down to two. While some other internet voting based video competitions are finishing, Retro Snow rolls on into the final . But first, here are the round 2 results:

Again, two HUGE parts dropped out this week – here’s the final round if you hadn’t figured it out already:

And it’s on to your final chance to back your favourite as these classics go head to head. We’d like to remind you that you’re voting for the PART not the RIDER – justifications in the comments box please…

Jussi Oksanen – Afterbang (2003)

If you’ve ever buttered into tricks, and didn’t know it already – you owe those to Jussi… His Afterbang part, complete with New Wave sound track, helped put him on the map – ripping!

Terje Haakonsen – TB2 (1993)

We dare you to watch this and not have everything that you love about snowboarding come rushing back to you. The prolific Terje here having a hella fun time and showing us what it’s all about.

Watch all 8 of the Retro Snow video parts here!

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