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Onboard Retro Snow 2014

Call us schoolyard if you want – but we reckon there’s always room for the ‘who would win in a fight?’ debate. Take the X Games Real Snow format for example – banging video part vs banging video part, unleash it on the public and BOOM. All of a sudden everyone’s an expert. (If you haven’t watched this year’s yet by the way you’re totally blowing it. They’re utter madness.)

But while it’s all very good comparing contemporary riders – we haven’t seen it put to the public on who would win across the ages…. Enter Onboard’s Retro Snow: 8 classic parts going head to head until one, and only one, is victorious.

We’ve taken a small selection of the classic parts available online and drawn them out of a hat for what promise to be fully epic face-offs – cutting down the numbers through the rounds each week until we get to our final battle. And don’t worry if your ideal match-up isn’t in here – there could well be future bouts to come (… slightly subject to how many parts we can get online).

Here’s the schedule so far:
OPENING ROUND (January 11-17)
SECOND ROUND (January 18-24)
FINALS (January 25-February 1)

Click through to see each part and vote for your favourite (you can vote on each match-up once a day).

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