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Jake Blauvelt: A Video Part History

And we arrive at the present day. Following the success of his Naturally web series and with the support of his sponsors, Jake and his management team Friday somewhat paradoxically decided to embark on making a brand new full length movie of their own.

The idea was to produce a movie with the highest possible production values that they could, and distribute it in a way that meant kids could have access to it. The two year project will be premiering online here on Onboard on the 15th October for 5 days, after which it will be available on iTunes for download.

We were lucky enough to see the movie on the big screen at the Munich leg of the Naturally premiere tour and cannot recommend checking it out enough on Tuesday. The cinematography is incredible and Jake’s snowboarding is as refined and impactful as ever.

But whatever you make of the movie when you eventually watch it, one thing is for certain: if there’s one American snowboarder who can be compared to the likes of Nicolas Müller and Terje Haakonsen in terms of his ability to paint a mountain face with his snowboard, Jake Blauvelt is that guy.

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