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Jake Blauvelt: A Video Part History

By 2011, online content had well and truly become king. While a few big movie production crews were still going strong, many had also fell by the wayside. More and more riders were shifting their movie output from single parts at the end of a filming season to series’ of shorter webisodes drip-fed over the course of the season.

This is the format that Jake opted for in 2011 with the launch of his ‘Naturally’ web series. The five episodes saw him travel to far-flung locations such as Whistler and Japan.

Check the full part (above) that resulted from all of that footage and compare it to what we saw back in 2006 in ‘That’. Big man made booters were replaced with hits off naturally formed windlips, and big technical spins were mixed up with powder butters, cat-like slashes and landings in big, fluffy pillows.

Blauvelt had come a huge way from the contest kid that he used to be, and by fine tuning his ability to read terrain and select his tricks, had adopted the kind of subtleties that are the mark of a truly great rider.

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