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Jake Blauvelt: A Video Part History

Jake Blauvelt has evolved from contest kid to fully-fledged soul surfer over his career, today choosing natural features over man made obstacles. Photo: Scott Serfas

Jake Blauvelt is truly a unique rider. His snowboard career has followed a diverse and organic path, led not by sponsors or other external forces but by a desire to ride what he wants to ride.┬áIn the lead up to the online premiere of his two year epic ‘Naturally’ next Tuesday, we take a look at some of his classic parts from over the years.

Jake Blauvelt grew up in Vermont, on the east cost of the United States. With a solid appreciation of the outdoors, Jake quickly got into soccer, skateboarding and eventually snowboarding. His remarkable natural talent in the latter was recognised at a young age and Jake was enrolled at Mount Mansfield Winter Academy – a snowboard school of sorts.

At just 17, after moving West to Mammoth to pursue his love of snowboarding, Jake won the US Open – with Travis Rice next to him on the podium in second place.

The following year, after moving to Tahoe, Jake filmed his first video part for Derelictica (we tried to hunt it down online to no avail). The part represented Jake’s first real foray into the world of backcountry freestyle. It was a steep learning curve but Jake quickly adapted everything he’d learnt in the Mammoth park to cheesewedges in the backcountry. But with his second movie part, which we have tracked down online, in Forum’s seminal ‘That’, we begin to see a change in Bluavelt’s approach to snowboarding.

Check it on the following page:

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