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Halloween Characters That Will Terrify Any Snowboarder…

You’ve seen the shred flicks, and you know that snowboarders aren’t scared easily on the hill. In fact, part of the business of being a pro rider is conquering your fears and getting that footage down…

Of course, that fearlessness doesn’t always continue when we unstrap and the night creeps in. When it’s dark we can be just as easily scared as anyone else – and theĀ other kind of snow flicks don’t help.

It being halloween and all we thought we’d pick out the ‘scariest’ snow-related characters out there, the horror highlight reel of beasts guaranteed to send a shiver down any snowboarder’s spine… ore something along those lines anyway.

Basically, if you’re looking for a costume to scare the shit out of your fellow riders, these snow-based monsters should hit the spot:

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