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FLASHBACK: The Top 5 Knife Show Edits

A look at some of the most creative snowboard edits ever. Knife Show was the shit!

Take a trip back to some of the most memorable snowboard edits ever released on the interweb courtesy of Mike Benson, Casey Wrightsman and the Knife Show crew. Lightsabres, giants, arcade games, it’s all in here. These were officially the shit when they dropped a few years back.

Here at the Onboard office we were recently discussing web edits that stuck out to us in our heads and more than one of us brought up Knife Show. This crew out of Bear Mountain dropped some truly creative edits when they were in their prime 4-6 years ago, with some next level special effects and amazing concepts.

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite Knife Show edits in this post and each an every one is a gem in it’s own right.

First up, take a look at what happens when arcade games meet snowboarding…

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