Talking Points

A Visual History Of Snowboarding Trends

To be completely honest, we couldn’t give a nun’s knickers what colours you wear when you shred – just as long as you’re ripping. But there’s no doubt that outerwear has gone through some unique (and sometimes questionable) styling to get us to where we are now.

There’s always been fanboys and haters when it comes to clothing, but we’ve put this visual history together to show that it doesn’t matter if you’re rocking dayglo or camo – it’s probably been done before. Anyway, fly threads won’t count for shit if you haven’t started linking turns yet…

So stop your internet-debates over Lucas Magoon’s trousers – cos to be honest it makes you sound about as girly as we feel writing this – seriously, it’s like being stuck in a full blown snow-based Devil Wears Prada:

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