Talking Points

A Beginner’s Guide To Slopestyle

8. There are a huge number of slopestyle competitions throughout the season and riders can earn accumulative points through winning each event – these are either saved or spent on upgrading equipment – which is why some riders have faster boards or can jump higher. Many of the products used are unsuitable for amateur riders and unavailable in highstreet stores.

9. The word ‘jib’ comes from the Joint Industry Board – their initials were stamped on the wood and metal that they supplied to help build the first slopestyle course.

10. The ‘devil’s tindy’ is the most rare and difficult grab in snowboarding – that’s why you’ll almost never see one in a slopestyle competition. It’s like the regular tindy (pictured) but the grab is done with the rider’s front hand, and the toe edge of the board is reached through the rider’s legs (see fig. 1)


If you’ve got this far and everything still makes sense, then congrats, you’re a pro! Now go and show off your new knowledge to your friends, and remember, don’t always believe everything you read on the internet…