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3. Slopestyle Facts 4 - 7

3. Slopestyle Facts 4 - 7

Mike Brindley Mike Brindley

4. To help the judges in competitive slopestyle, special matting is placed under the take off and landing of each kicker – it’s fitted with pressure sensors so they can calculate how long the rider has been in the air.Marcus Kleveland Action Tripple cork
5. You may not know it when you’re cruising the slopes – but in the highest levels of competition, wearing your goggle strap under your helmet indicates you naturally snowboard in a regular stance (left foot forward) – and wearing it over your helmet is a sign that you snowboard goofy (right foot forward).


6. If you’ve ever played a snowboarding computer game, you’ll know that different points are given to different grabs. In slopestyle, you get less points if nobody else has done that grab in the same competition. If enough riders perform the same trick they can actually have points deducted…

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7. Jumps or ‘kickers’ are one of the main features of slopestyle – the biggest ones are often called ‘money booters’, but this is actually a misuse of the name. The original ‘money booter’ was a fabled jump built in the BC backcountry and it hasn’t been seen since the 1980s…



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