Talking Points

A Beginner’s Guide To Slopestyle

1. Back in the day, slopestyle was actually a time trial event with barrels and other obstacles that riders had to jump over – these gradually turned into the the shaped jumps and rails that we see today.

Hay was a classic slopestyle obstacle. And also inspiration for the word ‘bail’ used when riders fall.

2. It’s common knowledge that riders lose points if they drag their hand after landing a trick, but the reason behind it is a little known fact. Hand-drags were considered stylish (like in surfing) before they introduced the rule as a safety precaution, it was designed to counter the broken fingers that were common in early slopestyle competitions.

3. As with halfpipe – points are gained in slopestyle by spinning really quickly – but did you know that some riders wear specifically weighted clothing to help them spin faster?