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9 Things That Were Great About Snowboarding in the 90s

Ahh the 90s – days of looking up to ‘cool’ 11 year olds and imagining the amazing world outside of the school playground…

…Ok, so this particular Onboard writer hadn’t exactly graduated to shred high-school yet, but who said you have to have lived the past to get nostalgic? How many times have you heard someone say ‘I should have been born in the 70s man – those were the days!’?

People always bang on about how a certain decade was the best, or how ‘things are different now’ -and undoubtedly they are, but were the 90s really such a golden era for snowboarding? Well we’ve delved into the best of the pre-millennial years, and we’ve got to say they really were the shit!

Here’s why: