Torstein Horgmo - fs triple cork 1440

It was spring 2010 in Folgefonna, Norway, when Torstein Horgmo started the whole madness. His fs triple cork 1440 was the first triple cork ever stomped. At the 2011 X Games Big Air Torstein was the only one who threw a triple and it got him first place. But only last season did Torstein – along with Marc McMorris and a few others – start to attempt triple corks in regular slopestyle events. This also brought an early end to Torstein’s season when he overshot a jump at the Euro X 2013 slopestyle doing a bs triple cork 1440. Hopefully he will kick off the new season in top form again.

  1. Markus

    Jørn simen`s bs triple was switch

  2. MB

    Takahiro Ishida triple backfliped at high cascade and keystone.

  3. MB

    Scotty James bs triple 1440 at high mile 2013.
    and seppe smits at x games big air a bs 1440 triple too.

  4. werd

    scotty james!

  5. JG

    I am pretty sure that Nils Arvidsson did one too. and there is some finnish kids doing triples also. dont know their names.

  6. WBN
  7. Brian Semenoff

    I saw one stomped by Josh Nelson at White Water in the early 90′s …

  8. Stef cerwenka

    Austrian rider missing ;)

  9. Dan

    Forgot Charles Reid

  10. jake

    Codey Ellison Back triple 14

  11. Francis Barbotin

    It looks to me like T. Horgmo is doing a BS triple cork on the first page… rather the fs

  12. Rudi

    Clemens Schattschneider :)


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