Snowboarding Tricks

6 Basic Halfpipe Tricks to Learn (Once You’ve Mustered up the Courage to Get Air Out of it…)

Alvaro Vogel dropping into the pipe in Saas Fee. Photo: Matt Georges

So here’s the scenario: you’ve just ventured into the pipe for the first time this season and have finally mustered up the courage to take enough speed through it to make it out of the lip. Which you should totally give yourself a pat on the back for by the way, especially if you were riding a 22 foot beast.

Now, giant, icy halfpipes are one of the most challenging and technical features you can ride on a snowboard and they requires some pretty serious edging and timing skills. But once you’ve got the speed and the feel of the walls dialled and can do a solid frontside and backside air, it’s time to think about learning some basic tricks.

Over the following pages are 6 tricks to think about giving a go once you’re at that point:

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