Six of the Best… With Nicolas Droz.

Photo: Matt Georges. Nico Droz was, is, and will continue to be, the man. Check out the French legend’s Six of the Best.


…Spots to shred?
– Avoriaz, France/Portes du Soleil.
– Haynes, AK.
– SLC, Utah.
– Riksgränsen, Sweden
– Interior BC
– Monashee Powder Cat, Canada

…Riders of all time?
– David Vincent.
– Terje.
– Peter Line.
– MFM.
– J2.
– Mikey Leblanc.

…Experiences on your snowboard?
– A lot of fun most of the time.
– Frustration sometimes.
– Pain sometimes.
– The skateboard feeling.
– Fear sometimes.
– A lot of adrenaline.

…Films ever (not snowboard ones)?
– The Simpsons.
– Friday.
– Scarface.
– Les Trois Freres.
– Soul Plane.
– Les Freres Pétards.

…Hangover cures?
– Aspégic 1000.
– Coca Cola.
– Sleep all day.
– Sauna.
– Go skate.
– Get drunk again.

– Any new tricks.
– Nollies.
– Switch backside 180.
– Switch backside 5.
– Switch backside 7.
– Backside 7.

…Tunes on your iPod?
– Notorious B.I.G.
– Groupe Home.
– Mobb Deep.
– NTM.
– André Nicatina.
– Oxmo Puccino.

…Ways to kill time?
– Watching movies and TV series on my computer, like Prison break, Desperate Housewives, Heroes…
– Cruise on YouTube.
– Smoke cigarettes and make phone calls.
– Clean my desk.
– Watch old skate movies.
– Spin records.

…Video parts?
– Ingemar in Simple Pleasures.
– Romain Demarchi in Vivid and POP.
– MFM in Love/Hate.
– Any Gigi part.
– Any Devun part.
– Any JP Walker part.

…Places for vacation?
– Capebreton at Buffalo’s.
– Maldives.
– Seychelles.
– Greek Islands.
– Paris in the summer to skate.
– Home: skate, sailing, BBQ and friends.

…Ways to get sponsored?
– Always be passionate about snowboarding.
– Respect others.
– Party hard; wake up early.
– Be a perfectionist.
– Do some contests.
– Travel.

…Groms to watch out for?
– Pierre Rué.
– MFM junior.
– Terje junior.
– Romain’s daughter.
– Don Grego junior.
– Droz junior.

Age: Guess…
Date of Birth: 27/12/7?
Nationality: French.
Hometown: Avoriaz, France.
Sponsors: Ride Snowboards and bindings, Helly Hansen, DC Shoes, Von Zipper, Nixon, Eastpak, New Era, 7TB4 Connection.
Board of Choice: Ride DH 151 for jib; Society 160 for backcountry.
DC Park boot.
Bindings: Ride Beta.
Outerwear: Helly Hansen Survival.
Goggles: Von Zipper Feenom.

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