Hana Beaman

…others don’t get quite so lucky. This is in fact Hana Beaman from the Too Hard crew taking one to the grill. It isn’t the worst overshoot we’ve ever seen but the fact that Hana’s face takes a good proportion of the impact makes this painful to watch.

As is the way in the modern age, while one of her homies comforts her, the other one grabs a snapshot on her phone – no doubt that’s a moment she’ll want to savour.

  1. Thor

    What about Emil André Ulsletten’s overshoot in Big Bear? More crazy than any of theese because he actually lands one of the overshoots! INSANE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgZ8OkmUs1A

  2. Budoc

    It’s dutch, and freely translated in: Here come’s Job (the riders name) and he is going to faceplant.. The filmer predicted it nicely…..

  3. Brandon

    Gigi’s overshoot in the backcountry a few years ago?

  4. Biba Turnbull

    Thats not Taylor Elliot taking it to the face, it’s Hana Beaman

    1. Mike Brindley

      Ok thanks Biba!

  5. Rob

    The thing with Lindhe getting back up after the overshoot is that they probably just edited it to make him look badass. Same with all urban edits – start with a horrific slam, then show a bunch of footage that could easily be pre-slam.


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