Mixtape – Marco Feichtner

Listen into Austrian Pirate Marco Feichtner’s rock-laced Mixtape this Tuesday afternoon, and you’ll be rewarded with Metallica, Ignite, and even some Bob Marley to wind you down…

We’re down with Marco here at Onboard. He’s not the kind of dude you’ll find lapping park hits all day or hitting up downtown spots at 3am. Nope, Feichtner’s all about sending it in the backcountry as his numerous parts in the Pirates movies attest. But, and we’ll be honest – although we’ve done the on and off-mountain bro-down with him on numerous occasions, we had no idea what kind of tunes he bangs his head to until now. Turns out it’s some good old fashioned rock & roll, some metal, some reggae, long-boiled boomtisch stuff, and even a bit of acoustic thrown in for good measure. Listen in to his Mixtape

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