Mixtape – Jenny Jones

Jenny Jones. Photo: Sami Tuoriniemi.

Our new feature lets you listen in to pro riders’ top 10 tunes to make your day way mo’ better (or potentially worse if they are from Scandinavia). Up first is all-conquering British ripper, Jenny Jones. Scroll down for the player…

Snowboarding and tunes go together like any other great double act you can mention: Peter Cook & Dudley Moore, Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi, Peter North and Jenna Jameson. They feed off each other, compliment each other. Together they become even more awesome.

The riders’ music tastes are as varied as their shredding styles but when pressed they’re always able to narrow their favourites down to a top 10. Some you might find make your ears bleed, others make you lose the will to live, but on the whole they will stoke you the hell out and perhaps introduce you to something fresh.

If you don’t listen to music, get amped and inspired by it on a daily basis then there’s a good chance that you’re dead and therefore not online. Everyone else will hopefully enjoy this, and we’ll say this – we’re digging Jenny’s list. Listen in now…


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