Mixtape – Halldor Helgason

Halldor Helgason. Photo: Olav Stubberud.

Our second ever Mixtape is that of Icelandic sensation Halldor Helgason. And when we say sensation it’s not just ’cause he rips, it’s ’cause we’ve had 14-year-old girls saying to us “That Halldor, he’s soooo hot!” Listen in to the Justin Bieber of snowboarding’s tunes…

Halldor needs no introduction, and when we asked him to dip into his iTunes and list the top 10 most played songs he came back with this poppy playlist.

Interesting to note he’s got MGMT’s Kids in there twice, which might go some way to explaining his and his brother Eiki’s spoofing of the tune in this awesome video of them skating a while back. We’re still not sure what the hell their lyrics mean though.

Whatever, sit back and let Halldor’s Mixtape hump your earhole…

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