Creative Spots

1. Yawgoons Log Jib/Snow Shelf

That log jib looks pretty unshredable to us…

2. Jed’s Waterslide Hits

Master timing, steeze and a unique spot – nice one Jed.

3. Never Not Russian Bridge Hand-Drag

Hand-drags on rainbow rails have been going off this year – this one from Nike’s Russia trip is a peach!

4. Alexander Volkov’s Fighter Plane Jib

Seriously, how often do you see a spot like this?

5. Freddy Perry in Think Thank

Freddy’s crazy eye tells all in this clip – you’d have to be pretty nuts to see this and think that it looks like a good place to ride.

Got more suggestions to add to the collection? Drop them in the comments, we could watch this shit all day…


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