1. Scotty Vine’s One Foot Double Backflip

Just because it takes huge stones to pull it off and probably a fair bit of planning, doesn’t stop this being a world first – that’s pretty original if you’re asking us.

2. Scott Stevens’ 360 Body Varial

Grinding down your baseplate discs is nothing new (see Jeremy Jones’ X Games 15 Real Snow) but Scotts body varial is such a headfuck we couldn’t leave this one out.

3. Eiki Helgason’s Christ Plant

Technically a no footer – in our books it’s normally a good sign that you’re watching something new when you don’t quite know what to call it.

4. Bode Merrill – Gap to 1 Foot Nose Slide

Bode’s got one-footers for days – here’s one that stuck with us this year.


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