Rail Tricks

1. Halldor Helgason’s Noseslide Frontflip

Halldor’s mental trick from Hoppipolla stubai edit is mental! And looks super-fun too…

2. Shaun Murphy’s Michael Jackson Boardslide


Sketchy as fuuuck… Shaun Murphy treading that fine line between genius and insanity in C3.

3. Marcus Rand in Yawgoons 9

Yawgoons 9 is mad. Here’s just one example of some rail transfer radness going down

4. Tim Major in Yawgoon’s Spring Vacation

Way to make things looks super chill and easy Tim – linking tricks into a feature like this takes some outside the box thinking.

5. Nick Visconti – Visconti Tuck Knee

Nick’s trademark tuck knee noseslide took the letter V in Dangerzone’s Alphabet Aerobics – which was a pretty creative edit in itself…


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