What Are The Most Creative/Original Tricks of 2013?

creative tricks with text

Muller snowboarding philosophy states that there’s only one trick – and that that is to strap in. But if we’re completely honest – we have to say that we like to see something more original than that – at least every once in a while…

Well, luckily for us, every year there are a tonne of innovators out there. Whether it’s part of their style or just a result of having fun, riders are creating new tricks and variations all the time. Call it progression, adaptation, creativity, whatever you like – there’s no use fighting the fact that the global trick bag looks a lot different now than it did even 10 years ago.

We’ve broken some of the best creativity we’ve seen this year down into bite size chunks for you – so you can get some inspiration for yourself. Or just check out the cool shit that’s going on out there – take a peek:


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