Things Snowboarders Do That ‘Regular People’ Don’t Understand: Part 1

To ‘regular people’ that we come across every day – your teachers, bosses, heck, even a bunch of our friends, us snowboarders must be seen to do some pretty strange stuff. The thing is that to us, the behaviours that some might find peculiar are totally normal. Some might even say they’re what define us.

It all boils down to that age old saying that snowboarding isn’t just a sport that you do when you feel like it and then toss aside for another year. It’s cliche as shit to say but it’s like, a lifestyle bro.

We thought we’d try and illustrate a few of these things using the hugely hyped, yet rapidly fading medium that is Vine.

We hope you enjoy them, and look out for part two dropping in a week or so’s time:

Vine Animations by Mike Brindley

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