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Palmer Platinum

Palmer Platinum

Mike Brindley Mike Brindley

palmer platinum

Price: €1400

Shaun Palmer’s premium ride, the Platinum was all the rage for a short spell in the mid 2000’s. Entirely fibreglass free, the Platinum used carbon laminates instead to make it super strong and lightweight. This was combined with racing tech from Kessler snowboards – a ‘Klothoid’ shape designed for added edge hold and handling. It all sounded like such a promising product…

Unfortunately according to many users it wasn’t. We’ve chosen to ignore reviews by i love shaun white (…actual screen name) but there was still a lot of feedback on this that complained about cracking topsheets and design faults in the carbon. There have also been reviews that mention questionable customer service policies from Palmer, who dismissed damage from basic use. You can trade off tradition for modern technology all you like, but without durability we’re not surprised this stick didn’t survive – certainly not at this price.

  1. Snowboard historian

    no Lib-tech Cygnus? or any Gentemstick?

  2. Snow-Academy Sinaia

    Virus snowboards
    Oxess full carbon & Kessler custom made board

  3. phil
  4. mishi

    you cannot compare a semi industrial board that costs maybe 500 euros to produce and sells 3000 euros to a board that really costs 2500 euros to produce ( 50-60 working hours on each board)…Godess is marketing, miura is real craftmanship..maybe you haven’t seen one in real!

  5. Ivan

    I’d definitely check out The Whip!


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