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Pogo Snowboards

Pogo Snowboards

Mike Brindley Mike Brindley

Pogo snowboards are the big names in German handcrafted premium-wood, and having been established in 1983, they’ve got the experience to make some of the best freeride sticks around. These two examples are just a very small selection from their range of boards, most of which start at around €1069!


Wingergun 205 €1169

The Wingergun does exactly what it says on the tin. It looks like a surfboard and it’s meant to ride like a surf board. Don’t get confused by those au naturel looks though, check out the tech they’ve packed inside – “Ingredients include lots of Carbon Kevlar, a dampening 3 layer rubber frame, poplar-ash wood core with ABS sidewalls, Titanal reinforcement, custom extra-strong fiberglass and a double sintered 1,2mm P-tex 4000 base.”. Not to mention it’s a whopping 205cm long… It sure looks like a sweet ride though.

maverick powdergun

Maverick Powdergun €1290

The Maverick is Pogo’s top of the range powder stick. Believe it or not it’s even longer than the Wingergun at 230cm and a very different shape but much of the same tech. The traditional swallowtail shape helps to initiate turns quickly and the rockered tip and tail keep that very long nose out of the white stuff. The walnut veneer with maple stringers give this a classic look and mother of pearl inlays add a touch of finesse for those who won’t just ride any old noodle. Ron Burgundy would certainly approve.

If you’re into custom builds, you can order your own prototypes from Pogo too, although they could run you up to €1700!

  1. Snowboard historian

    no Lib-tech Cygnus? or any Gentemstick?

  2. Snow-Academy Sinaia

    Virus snowboards
    Oxess full carbon & Kessler custom made board

  3. phil
  4. mishi

    you cannot compare a semi industrial board that costs maybe 500 euros to produce and sells 3000 euros to a board that really costs 2500 euros to produce ( 50-60 working hours on each board)…Godess is marketing, miura is real craftmanship..maybe you haven’t seen one in real!

  5. Ivan

    I’d definitely check out The Whip!


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