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Boheme Swallow

Boheme Swallow

Mike Brindley Mike Brindley


Price: €999

French company Boheme have been crafting hand-made skis and snowboards since 1998 and the Swallow is their top of the range freeride board. Built for advanced powder riding, this is a ‘gun’ at high speed and can still be thrown into the turns. Each individual board has a solid wood core and top sheet made from 15 precious woods, just so you know you’re riding something unique…

  1. Snowboard historian

    no Lib-tech Cygnus? or any Gentemstick?

  2. Snow-Academy Sinaia

    Virus snowboards
    Oxess full carbon & Kessler custom made board

  3. phil
  4. mishi

    you cannot compare a semi industrial board that costs maybe 500 euros to produce and sells 3000 euros to a board that really costs 2500 euros to produce ( 50-60 working hours on each board)…Godess is marketing, miura is real craftmanship..maybe you haven’t seen one in real!

  5. Ivan

    I’d definitely check out The Whip!


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