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4. Sochi Facts 11-15

4. Sochi Facts 11-15

Yalda Walter Yalda Walter

danny davis toilet swag11. To take the edge off the competing contestants, architects constructed double toilets to make sure the rivalry is minimised, especially since rambling conversations are a nope for the Australians. So is falling down. Or, for that matter, anything else that could actually result in a good time.

12. The mascot for snowboarding is a talking snow leopard that loves dancing and rock-climbing. He once saved a whole village from an avalanche and later picked up snowboarding from his teacher, the Zen-master.

lgbt sochi uniforms13. You might have noticed the staff uniforms that look like unicorns on acid threw up all over them. These are all colours of the rainbow, to represent and strengthen the Russian LGBT community.

14. After recurring public and internal industry demand, the team managers now have to hand in the runs their athletes will be doing in slopestyle and halfpipe beforehand.

biathlon shooting fried chicken15. The Biathlon guys are going to shoot everyone’s dinner, combining the necessary with the convenient. Served will be what – or whoever was hit somewhere along the competition.

For more information about slopestyle in specific, head over to our (100% factually accurate…) beginners guide.

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