Onboard’s Top 21 Instagram Videos

A collection of our favourite snowboard Instagram videos

Much like how Facebook has become an integral part of our day to day lives, it has to be said that Instagram is here to stay too. And while snowboarders are guilty as charged of bombarding us with content on a daily basis, we have to admit that Instagram videos are pretty damn sick.

In a day and age where edits flow thicker and faster than sweet nectar from a Bavarian beer barrel during Oktoberfest, Instagram videos are straight to the point and incredibly easy to digest.

Hidden amongst the many 15 second clips of our favourite riders messing around in the snow are some real gems that can easily get lost in the context of a full web edit.

We’ve churned through hundreds of Instagram videos to pick out some of our favourites from this winter and beyond. From hammer tricks, to funny stuff, to epic faceshots, it’s all here. We’ll be adding to this list as we come across new videos that we like so check back now and again to catch the latest ones: