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4. Gulli Gudmundsson Gap to Rail in 2112

17:40 8th November 2013 by Mike Brindley

This wouldn’t actually be the worst handrail in the world if Gulli wasn’t determined to clear 2/3rds of it – but he was, so rate it accordingly…

GNARLOMETER!! (rate this spot!):

  1. Alexis Le Forestier

    Why Heikki’s skate bowl gap instead of Eero’s double backflip over it ?? (which forme, is quite as sick as halldor’s roof gap backflip)
    Sick selection though

    1. Rowan Madden

      definitely bro, and that one footer where he kicks in a lamp post over a flight of stairs

  2. Guillame DUPIEUX

    Huge !! Who can imagine doing that..?


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