How Gnarly Do You Rate These 20 Street Spots?

Phil Jacques hitting a pretty high consequence gap to frontboard while filming for Deja Vu. Photo: Oli Gagnon

It’s a never ending hunt to boldly shred spots that no man has shredded before. And for some pros, finding hits that are just that bit more ‘extreme’ is an essential part of filming a solid street section – so we thought we’d take a look into what makes for the gnarliest, sketchiest spot around.

To do this we’ve pulled together a collection of high-consequence hits and we’re taking a straw poll to see how you rate them – just how bad would it be if these shots went really wrong? We’ve added a ‘gnarlometer’ to each video so you can rate them for yourself – and if you’re sitting at home thinking “that’s not that gnarly” or “what about (insert handrail here)!?” drop us the suggestion in the comments box and quit your whinin’.

Ready? GO: