Gif Us Slams: When Snowboards Fight Back

Even the best riders in the world know – that from time to time snowboards can be a little bit unpredictable. One day it’s your best friend and does everything you want – and the next you can’t get anything right. It’s almost like the board is working against you…

Which is a ridiculous idea of course – most of the time when something goes wrong it’s completely down to us, not the inanimate piece of wood and p-tex strapped to our feet.

Still, it is pretty suspicious how often the unsuspected happens, those sneaky things that go down – WHEN SNOWBOARDS FIGHT BACK!

(cue dramatic drums)

Call it what you want – we’re 99% certain (*ahem*) that some snowboards have personalities, and choose to take out their anger just as soon as we let our guard down. If you’re worried about your board, here are some signs you might want to watch out for…