A Highly Dubious A-Z of Snowboarder’s Nicknames

Nicknames are a bit of a right of passage aren’t they? You can’t really give yourself one and just hope it’ll stick. For the majority of riders, alter ego’s and AKAs are based on in-jokes and (let’s be honest) indecent activities  – then there are a whole bunch who’ve never really had a ‘proper’ one at all…

Which would all be fine if it wasn’t for that ‘Nickname’ box on every rider ‘bio’ page and interview under the sun. What do you put there if people actually just call you your real name?

Well… we’ve had a look, and it turns out there’s some pretty strange ones. In trying to fill our A-Z we came across a whole bunch that we’re clearly just made up or poorly blagged, and far too many that were just shortened or followed the ‘T-Rice’ formula. To be honest most of them we hadn’t even heard before.

Here are some of the ‘better’ ones (if you want to call them that) – be sure to help us fill in the gaps or send us some of your own if they’re good enough…

n.p. We might have use a few less well known riders to get by here too…