A Guide to Shooting a Snowboard Movie

Filming a snowboard movie might look easy, but it’s hard work, guys!

You’re sitting in your room, watching yet another brilliant snowboarding movie, thinking to yourself “I wanna do that. I mean, how hard can it be, right?” Film a bit, edit a bit and BOOM – you’re on your way to fame and glory. Nike and Burton are knocking on your door to give you Pro Models, scantily clad girls are knocking to give you some of their lovin’ and Red Bull has set you up with 3D cameras and helicopters. Nope, sorry!

There is a reason why there are so few prestigious movie production companies like the Pirates or Absinthe. Shooting a movie is hard work, especially when you’re new to the game, and by the end of it you’re likely to have thought about 101 different ways of killing yourself and everyone around you.

Here are a couple of aspects about filming a whole snowboard movie you might have never properly thought through. After all, this isn’t just a tiny edit only your grandma thinks is fantastic.