6 European Resorts for Epic Aprés-Ski

Lederhosen, short skirts, dancing on the bar, also known as heaven on earth.

Wintersports have a long tradition leading back to the 19th century, and probably as traditional as skiing and snowboarding itself is Aprés-Ski. Or so we’d like to think.

Holidays are the time of the year when you break out of your daily routine and dive right into your true, unleashed self. What better way to end a long and exhausting day on the mountain, than with a beer and some friends? And then some Jägerbombs and more beer, until in the blink of an eye you find yourself dancing on the table doing moves that would make your mother weep with people you have never seen before in your life – and hope to never see again after this night. Even though you’ll have no memory of the debauched nights whatsoever, you still find yourself doing it time and time again. And that’s okay!

We care for you and don’t want you to end up frustrated because the place you went to is stacked with families and everything shuts down at 10 pm, so we collected a few of the best and most talked about Aprés-Ski resorts in Europe where sending it at the bar is as mandatory as sending it on the hill.

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