7. Jake Burton Hosts First US Open

A look at some of the key moments that have shaped snowboarding into what it is today


national snowboarding championship 1983

The first National Snow Surfing Championships, organised by Paul Graves at Suicide Six, Woodstock, Vermont were held in 1982. The event featured a slalom and downhill and both Jake Burton and Tom Sims rocked up to compete. Racers in the downhill supposedly reached speeds of up to 60 m.p.h and Sims eventually emerged victorious – with a fractured thumb after crashing into the hay bales at the bottom of the course to show for it…

The following year Jake took over the event, while Tom Sims started the World Snowboarding Championships in Tahoe – the first event to feature a halfpipe. Believe it or not, Burton threatened to boycott because he felt that halfpipes shouldn’t be a part of the event – we’re glad he’s changed his mind since.

In 1985, Jake renamed his event the Burton US Open which has continued to this day.

  1. Keith

    i feel like halldor should be on this list somewhere…

  2. Oscar

    Yeah, maybe in ten years.

  3. Teo

    I was there in -96 and I’m still snowboarding every weekend in the winters.i

  4. Brandon

    JP did the first double cork. Should probably mention his and Jeremy’s influence as well as Love/Hate’s obvious influence. And Scott E Wittlake


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