3. Dimitrije Milovich Starts the First Modern Snowboard Company

A look at some of the key moments that have shaped snowboarding into what it is today


winterstick Dimitrije Milovich

Dimitrije Milovich, an east-coast surfer, was introduced to snow sliding in 1970, and two years later, dropped out of Cornell to move to Utah and start his own snowboard company, Winterstick.

The bindingless boards were heavily influenced by surfboards and were sold in 11 countries. However, they proved a tough sell, and by 1987, Milovich had no choice but to gracefully bow out. His legacy, however, lives on…

  1. Keith

    i feel like halldor should be on this list somewhere…

  2. Oscar

    Yeah, maybe in ten years.

  3. Teo

    I was there in -96 and I’m still snowboarding every weekend in the winters.i

  4. Brandon

    JP did the first double cork. Should probably mention his and Jeremy’s influence as well as Love/Hate’s obvious influence. And Scott E Wittlake


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